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Features of Belot multiplayer

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  • EMOTICONS - Different emtoicons for every situation. Easy access to all emoticon through the game.
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  • MINI GAMES - Slots, Scratch , Hi-Lo for much more bonuses.
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  • FRIEND AND BLOCK LIST - Add new players as friend or block players
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How to play Belot?

The game Belot is played by four players divided into two teams. Each player receives 5 cards at the beginning, and a card is placed face down on the table. This card refers to the color of the trump card.

Each player may decide to get the trump or pass that card. If the four players pass, the second round of announcement is organized. Each Belot player can decide to choose any other color, different from the trump, or pass.

If none of the players make an announcement, the cards are redistributed. If one player offers an asset, the other three cards distribute to the players. The goal of the game is one of the teams to reach the maximum number of points.

For more details how to count points Belot check Belot official rules

Belot card games as social game

  • Meet new people who love card games all over the word!
  • Use a free chat to talk with the Belot community.
  • Use a private chat to talk with friends.
  • Vote for the user after the game.
  • Customize your avatar or image gallery.