Terms & Conditions

Registration is free and open to all:
(I) physical persons 18 years of age at the time of registration (or have the legal age defined by the legislation in force in their country of residence, from which they access the pages of iBelote), provided that they are not Placed under guardianship or curatorship and their legal capacity is not limited in any other way.
(Ii) legal entities that are not insolvent, bankrupt or bankrupt under the law of the country in which they are registered. Registration is refused to all persons / legal entities that do not comply with the above rules. By completing the registration process, the user declares that he / she meets the conditions of registration listed in Articles (i) and (ii) respectively. If the administrator subsequently discovers that a user does not comply with the registration conditions in the previous sentence, the administrator reserves the right to close the account without notice and to remove all cumulative tokens and other items
In the case of legal entities, registration must be made by their legal representative. The registration of any other person is dealt with by the obligations valid for natural persons.

The provisions of these Conditions of Use are also valid for parents or legal representatives of minors who have authorized the registration of the latter. In this case, the present Terms of Use are also valid for you as a parent or legal representative in case of registration of a child or minor under your supervision and use of the site (with or without your knowledge And consent). The present Terms of Use are valid for parents and / or legal representatives as well as for any individual under their care, using iBelote's mobile sites or applications (whether with or without their knowledge and consent). For the purposes of your relationship with the administrator of pages, iBelote believes that any use of these pages is with your explicit knowledge and consent. This involves all cases where you, as a parent or legal representative, have created circumstances (objective or subjective) allowing the persons under your guardianship to access the pages of iBelote.

By authorizing your child to register on iBelote's pages as a legal parent / legal person, you are deemed to be informed that parts of the content of the pages may be inappropriate for your child or the person under your care and responsibility For the consequences resulting from the use of our sites by any minor under your.

The user undertakes to verify regularly or at least once a week whether these Terms of Use have been modified and / or supplemented. When the user does not accept the changes made, he / she must immediately inform the administrator in writing as soon as possible or cancel his / her registration and delete his / her account by accepting unreservedly all the consequences which may result Including the possible loss of virtual or real currencies). It is considered that any user who has not communicated is in disagreement with the administrator in writing or has not deleted his account in the sense of the preceding sentence, accepts the changes made.

The inclusion on iBelote's pages and termination are voluntary (except for the deletion of an account resulting from non-compliance with these Terms - see Section VI below). The iBelote page is free of charge. The only condition is to comply with the prerequisites of registration and to accept the present Terms of use.
The registration process asks to fill out a form with mandatory (identifying) and optional fields. Providing correct information in the mandatory fields is the pricnipal prerequisite to complete and validate the registration. The optional fields can be filled in at the discretion of the user.
By subscribing to the iBelote mobile pages / applications, each user declares to accept the collection and processing of all data provided at registration, or subsequently using the services offered on the pages.
Data provided by the user are considered correct until proven otherwise. The user is solely responsible for the veracity and validity of any information provided at registration. The Administrator reserves the right to modify any information that is in consideration of these Terms of Use.
The data provided at registration and the profile, except the e-mail address, date of birth and information deleted by the administrator in accordance with the previous article, are visible to other users. />
The user has the right to modify at any time his profile information in the pages and applications of iBelote provided that he complies with the provisions of these Conditions of Use (including but not limited to: A mandatory information, the prerequisite of the composition and the length of the username, etc.).
 By subscribing to the iBelote pages, each user from different countries undertakes to keep intimacy of other users and not to make racist, xenophobic, discriminatory declarations and
 (A) violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, including trademarks;
 (B) disclose manufacturing secrets unless he is the legal owner or has the explicit consent of the latter to do so;  (C) disseminate offensive, pornographic, violent, indescribable, discriminatory, hateful and intolerant, aggressive, or contrary content by any means whatsoever to the laws in force or to the legal rights and interests of other individuals;
 (D) disseminate content or practices that are capable of damaging, disrupting, or otherwise affecting the operation of, access to, and access to iBelote's pages, games, and services.

What personal information do we collect and why?

We collect and manage a variety of personal information about you in order to provide you with the best services. "Personal information" is information that identifies you. We currently collect personal information through our website and applications, including:
- your mobile ID
- language ("local")
- country ("current situation")
- e-mail
We collect personal information by the applications you use or when you share them voluntarily with us.
We also use your personal information for other purposes, including but not limited to:
- Interactions Whenever you interact with our services, details of your interaction are collected and stored by us
- Correspondence
We keep all correspondence, including faxes, letters and e-mails that reach us.
We can destroy these matches after a certain time.
- Use of mobile identifier
Mobile identifiers are numbers that are automatically assigned to your device and, if associated with other identifiable individual information, must be assimilated to Information.
- Use of cookies
In order to provide you with the best possible service on our website and our Applications, your browser must accept cookies, which are essential to the management and security of the site. We do not use cookies to collect individually identifiable information or to collect unidentifiable information individually related to a cookie combined with a personal identifier.
- Optimisation des pages Web
Lorsque vous utilisez ou vous connectez a un site Web iBelote ou telechargez une application mobile iBelote par le biais d'une plateforme tierce (telle que Google play, iTunes, Facebook ou tout autre reseau social), vous nous autorisez a acceder et/ou a collecter certaines informations de votre profil/compte de plateforme tierce ou par le biais de cookies situes sur votre appareil par la plateforme tierce, tel que c'est autorise par les conditions generales et les reglages de protection des donnees de la plateforme tierce.
Nous partagerons ces informations avec la plateforme tierce pour les utiliser conformement aux conditions generales et vos reglages de protection des donnees avec la plateforme tierce.
Nous partagerons certaines des informations collectees lors de l'installation de l'application avec les vendeurs et d'autres fournisseurs de services engages par nous ou travaillant avec vous en lien avec l'operation des services que nous vous fournissons et/ou a des fins d'analyse qui peuvent necessiter la reproduction ou l'affichage de telles informations de maniere agregee et anonyme qui ne permettront en aucune maniere de vous identifier.

Publicites, liens des sites tiers, Facebook

Facebook Connect est une offre de Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304,USA. L’utilisation de Facebook Connect releve des conditions sur la protection des donnees et des conditions d’utilisation de Facebook. En utilisant Facebook Connect, des donnees de profil et desdonnees publiques issues de votre profil Facebook sont transmises (par exemple : ID utilisateur, contenue dans l’adresse email Facebook). A l’inverse, des donnees de iBelote peuvent etre transmises a votre profil Facebook. Nous traitons et sauvegardons les donnees qui nous sont transmises par Facebook.
Vous pourrez trouver plus d’informations concernant la declaration de protection des donnees ici : https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/.

Quelles informations generales collectons-nous a votre sujet et pourquoi ?

Les « informations generales » sont des informations a votre sujet et concernant vos activites obtenues par le biais de nos Services, mais qui ne vous identifient pas personnellement. Lorsque vous utilisez Internet, votre navigateur ou logiciel de navigation peut communiquer certaines informations au site Web que vous visitez.
Ces informations peuvent notamment inclure le numero unique attribue a votre serveur ou votre connexion Internet, les capacites et caracteristiques de votre ordinateur, votre situation geographique ainsi que vos mouvements et votre activite sur un site Web particulier. Nous collectons les memes informations sur nos Services.

When you use one of our applications on your social network or on a third party page, you can save information about using this application, and we may collect other information that is visible on your page. Social network, in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions associated with this page or this website.

Special remarks concerning children

This Service is primarily intended for use by adults. We do not currently sell or create spaces specially designed for children. We do not knowingly collect information identifying age nor knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13.
However, you hereby advise all our visitors under 13 years of age not to disclose or provide personal information about our Services. In the event that we discover that a child under the age of 13 has provided us with personal information in agreement with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (see the Federal Trade Commission website at www.ftc.gov/ Kidzprivacy for more information), we will destroy the personal information of this child of our files within the limit of the technological possibilities.

How we use this information

The information we collect is used to (i) meet your requests, (ii) provide client services and respond to complaints, (iii) improve the Services and resolve any technical issues, (iv) communicate with you regarding the use (V) make cross-references with other personal information that we may have acquired about you from other sources, (vi) create aggregate data, Vii) ensure compliance with the conditions of use (Viii) send you communications about our services and promotions, if applicable, and (ix) comply with existing laws and regulations.
 We may transmit your information to the authorities or government agencies in accordance with the law, and our partners in connection with commercial transactions, transaction processing and marketing measures, as identified below. As part of this Data Protection Policy, the term "Partner" means any person or entity with whom we enter into any business relationship and who has an obligation to us to ensure that we retain personal information Confidential.

Disclosure of information collected by us

Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, we will not sell, sell, or disclose to third parties, without your consent, any personal information we may have obtained from you or any of our partners about you.
We may occasionally disclose personal information to (i) companies that assist us in processing the transactions you solicit, Protect your transactions from fraud and verify your identity; (Ii) we believe in good faith that they are necessary or appropriate in connection with fraud, breach of intellectual property or any other unlawful activity, or that may involve our liability or yours, or In order to conduct inquiries into violations of the conditions of use of the services, (iii) if required by law, court order or other legal process; (Iv) in order to comply with the provisions of (Including but not limited to requests from governmental authorities for the consultation of your personal information); (V) to protect and defend us, our subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, directors, employees, lawyers, subcontractors and partners in connection with any legal action, claim or conflict; (Vi) to avoid imminent physical damage; (Vii) to share aggregated statistical or demographic data with our affiliates, business partners or public relations (this aggregated information is not related to personal information); (Viii) in order to provide data, including information Personal information about you, our affiliates, subsidiaries and partners; (Ix) in order to sell or otherwise provide to third parties in the event of a bankruptcy or liquidation; And (x) to sell or supply to third parties, in the event of a merger or acquisition to come by another company. Should we merge or be acquired by another company, the successor company will have access to your personal information in order to ensure the continuity of services, but it will continue to be linked to this Policy. Data protection unless and until amended in the subsection entitled "Changes to the Data Protection Policy" below.

How we protect the information we collect

We provide secure Web pages to collect certain types of information and store certain types of information in crypt form. We reasonably monitor the evolution of technical and management practices to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the data stored in our system. Although no computer system is fully secure, we believe that the measures implemented on our website and our Services reduce the likelihood of security problems at an appropriate level for the type of data concerned.

Changes to the Data Protection Policy

By using these services, you declare your acceptance of this Data Protection Policy. We reserve the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Any modified Data Protection Policy will only apply retrospectively to personal information collected or modified after the effective date of the amended policy.