Frequently Asked Questions for belote and coinche game( FAQ )

What is the site is a socila platform for the most popular card game in France - belote. Here you can make new friends playing you favorite belote game. The game is available on and also on Facebook, Google Play and Apple appstore.

How can I play on the site?

 You must create an account and then use the information in your account, email and password to log on to the site. You can also connect with your Facebook or Google profile with one click and keep your progress in the game on all different platforms - mobile or web. It is possible to play in visitor mode with limited access, no points, and your statistics will not be saved.

Why need to create a registration?

As a registry user, you have full access to all site features and receive daily bonuses for each login in the belote and coinche game. You participate in the ranking and can edit your profiles freely - change your photo, add friends, block players, send gifts, using public or private chat and much more.

Is it necessary to confirm the e-mail address?

Registration via requires validation of your e-mail address. After validation, you can receive daily bonuses and use an e-mail to retrieve your account using the forgotten password option.

What is a VIP subscription?

 VIP users have got a lot of privileges there games. As a VIP, you receive additional bonus tokens for each purchase, access to the VIP logo, a VIP logo in the avatar, can chat freely.

How to create or join in a game?

You can choose a room according to the bet ot join to any playroom from the list of gambling halls. It is easy to create a game room yourself, using the 'Create a Games Room' button or you can quickly join a game by choosing the 'Join a game' button.

What happens if I leave a game in progress?

Quitting a game is not recommended because it gives a negative impact on the stats in your profile that affects your reputation in front of other players.

I was replaced by bot. Why that happened?

 You have 15 seconds playing a card or making an announcement. When the time of the counter expires and you do not make your turn, you have bben replaced by a bot. You can return anytime in the game. You can also choose the "Bot" button to be replaced by a bot for a short period of time.

How to add friends?

 Click the Add button near the avatar player to send a friend's invitation to the particular player.

When I receive free bonus chips?

 You receive bonus tokens every day when you sign in to the game. Bonus comes from the slot machine, ie you receive free token for the slot, so you need at least one day of play on the slot machine.

I did not receive the chips or VIP's purchased from the game. What I should do ?

If you have just completed the payment, wait 30 minutes. In after this time you stiill not receive anything, you can contact us on email support [to] (replace [to] with @)

The game does not load. What can I do ?

 First check the status of your Internet connection. If everything is ok, try clearing your browser's cache or loading a game with another browser.

The game crashed and I lose my chips. What can I do ?

 If the problem is on the server side, your tokens will be automatically resotred. If you are disconnected or if external problems appear on your side, such as a weak connection, inactivity, browser blocking, etc., it is not possible to restore your tokens.

Can I play on my mobile device?

  Yes, you can play belote on anu mobile dive (iOs and Android). Simply download belote on the App Store and Google Play using the links on the home page.

What are chips and gold used for?

   The chips are virtual currency in the game belote and coinche. By using them, you can play on game tables with different stakes, buy items in stores, give gifts to other players. With gold, you can play mini-games, by special emoticons, change color on the cat th and many more things. The chips can be won in the game or received by making a purchase. Gold can only be purchased.

How to send a gift to another player?

Open the profile of the selected player and discover the buttons to send a gift - chips or gold. Other gifts you can send directly to the game table.

Are there ranking statistics?

 Yes, we have daily, weekly and monthly statistics for belote and coinche games.
 If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us at support at [] (replace [at] with @)